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Welcome to our new “video-centric” website, showing the range and quality of our work. And here are two recent examples: 

A Wonderfully Difficult Journey follows a group of developmentally disabled actors as they navigate the arduous process of creating, producing and performing a live theatrical production. Our job was to train and mentor this group to also plan and shoot for themselves this video of their efforts. It was a Community Partners Project supported by Princeton Television.

A Dawn Greeting is part of an on-going project on wellness, just selected as part of the early bird compilation of the 100-Second Film Festival 2017. 




Exemplary of the documentary work we have been doing, this 2-minute trailer is for an hour-long film that we co-produced and edited, and which introduces Waldorf education in America. The film offers an incisive look into Waldorf with its child-centered philosophy, focus on the teacher-student relationship, and integration of the arts. It also explores controversies and legal challenges to this movement.


These videos represent the class of work we do for websites. We produce a wide range of programming to fulfill many needs for clients. And we continually explore and work with new digital technologies that offer excellent quality and diverse distribution options at modest cost. 

Sam Russell established Russell & Company in 1996 to develop and produce film/video programs for commercial and institutional clients. Besides creative filmmaking, Sam has a formal background in engineering. In prior years he was busy on space projects with NASA and RCA, and played a key role in bringing the last Apollo moonwalks into living rooms around the world. 

Sailing has been a lifetime, non-business pursuit. Here are glimpses of a marvelous trip along the desert seacoast of Baja California.


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